We are a passionate, 100% gamer-based community. We are all about creating a fantastic gaming experience. Our philosophy is to borrow from the old and combine it with the best of today. Our servers are 128-tick and are hosted in heart of Sydney datacenters. We have custom coded a third-party anti cheat system, which is completely seamless to the user.

Here, it's all about the top-tier gameplay and the mates that you play with. If this sounds like something that you would like to be apart of, we invite you to join us on the gaming servers and in our Discord. Thanks again for stopping by!

Server Administrators

The Classic.Community server are managed by the following team of dedicated admins. The best place to find these admins would be in our Discord channel. If you are also having in game issues on the server, while in Discord please use our #game-support channel.


Other Information

Be sure to check out our game server page, to find out where you can play! There, you'll get to see which server might suit your playing style and tastes. On your way to our gaming servers, make sure you also stop by the rules page to ensure you know how to interact on the servers and to ensure that we don't ever run into a problem! Lastly, you might also want to check out the server commands page to help you have an even better time on the servers. Cool? See you in game!