Server Commands

To execute a command just type the command into the CSGO chat. The default key to open chat in the game is 'y'.

  1. Type !nominate (or !nom) in the chat to nominate your favourite map. This is voted on at the end of map.

  2. Don't like the current map? Type !rtv in chat to Rock The Vote! (this will put up an instant map vote)

  3. Voted for the wrong map on the map vote? Type !revote to change your map selection.

  4. While custom Anti-Cheat software runs on our servers, you can also !report player to the system. This will automatically generate a demo and submits it to our admin team.

  5. If this is enabled by an admin, type !votemenu for a list of player generated votes. Players can vote for all talk, knife rounds, etc.

  6. If you would like a list of Classic.Community servers while in game, type !servers into chat.

  7. You can also find a link to our discord in game by typing !discord into chat.

!timeleft | Time to next map
!ff | Friendly Fire status
!maprate | Rate the current map
!maprating | Show map rate results
!autobuy | Automatically buys for player
!maphistory | Display previous played maps