Server Rules

Please read these Classic.Community rules. Failure to follow these rules will result in either you being muted in-game, you being kicked from the server, or possibly even banned. Admins have zero tolerance to any bad or negative behaviour towards other players on the server.

  1. Be RESPECTFUL to all players on the server.
    This server is all about building a strong and positive community.

    Apart from the obvious, this also includes macros and any form of scripting/bhop scripting.

  3. Try your best to COMMUNICATE with your team-mates.
    Help out, play your part and be a team player.

  4. Be the BEST POSSIBLE TEAMMATE for the players on your team.
    Work towards your skill-sets and be aware of how you can help players around you in your team.

  5. This is both a FUN AND COMPETITIVE community.
    Sometimes it is hard to mix those two elements, but always do keep the game-play and other players in mind. We encourage players to try their best - and be sure to have a laugh when it's just not your day!

  6. This servers encourages you to stick around!
    Need to make a coffee? Or have an extended break? Jump into SPECTATE and you won't be kicked!