Gaming Servers

The Classic.Community currently offers two servers, CasualComp and Multi-Mode.

Server: CasualComp

CSGO Dust and Aztec maps


It's in the name; This server is designed to balance that divide between competitive and fun gameplay.

This server is designed to be a ‘trip down memory lane’ for many old school players. Our CasualComp server features the best old-school and community generated content in the game. If you played 1.6, CSS or are passionate about CSGO today, you’re going to love this server.

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Server: Multi-Mode

CSGO Dust and Aztec maps


For something very dynamic, always changing and little bit out-of-the-box, Multi-Mode might be for you.

Featuring a myriad of different game styles including mini-maps, fun-maps, mini-games, arms race, gun-game, 1v1 arena, capture the flag and hostage maps, there is absolutely no time for boredom in this server! Again, all on 128 tick servers.

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